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Sunday, July 19

Small talk: I woke up half pass noon today feeling light headed & for the pass 30 minutes before now my stomach has been misbehaving like a bitch...FML
I have nothing witty, bitchy, thought-provoking or even emotionally influencing to write about so this post is going to be pretty much about me and my endless continuation on the quest to accomplish something.

Something you should know about moi is that most of the days, I wake up and in an instant I would go - "Oh I feel like cooking omelets today".
And from there I'll start thinking about googling various fancy omelet recipes and then I would decide to make a whole list of omelet recipes compiled in a book or start a blog/site about food.

And then the next waking hour, I would probably go like this - "Hmm... I should start writing a book!"

And the very next day or two I'll be - "Hey why don't I start dancing classes and join competitions"

Well by know I bet you know the drill. My "quest" for accomplishing something. It has to be something. And everyday, it's a different thing. So, sometimes my room might end up with various leftovers or half done products of my sudden urge to do something one fine day; waiting for the next "spring cleaning" session to take over and bring my room back to life.

Just the other day I had the sudden urge to photograph things. But the closest I got was taking self-shots while I was doing crunches and then deleting them off. So much for capturing little things and starting a photo-blog at Flickr.

Then came yesterday, I was blog-hopping and I ended up in Etsy. Long story short, my buried passion for jewelry making and handmade trinkets have resurfaced. Now, I feel like sewing. (Damn sometimes I irritate myself this way). Now my shopping list has a mini electric sewing machine written on it. Pfft. Speaking of saving up cash, this is not helping one bit. But then again I calmed myself by telling myself that this might turn out to be a successful business which in turn will bring in extra moolah. (smiles to self appraisingly) - "Now where did I chuck my old boxes of ribbons, threads, buttons, beads, glitters and trinkets??"

The question now is whether these fresh urges will...will... will... (damn what's the word again)...prevail??

For all I know I might be start loving the idea of baking cupcakes everyday like how Izzie Stevens did in Grey's. (oh wait a minute, I think that already happened!)

To leave me alone with my thoughts hanging lose - vulnerable and susceptible to sudden, random urges or ideas is the very least - hazardous to my savings account, my room and sometimes my family (esp. my Mom who constantly thinks I just need to sit still and be less imaginative)

Tell me now, have YOU had episodes of sudden urges or "quest" to accomplish something?
(please say yes)


the girl in stiletto said...

LOVE the photo. freaking awesome.

hell yeah i always feel like having a 'quest'. the last 'quest' was to paint. i overcame it by going shoe-shopping.

now i feel like painting again. damn. canvases are too expensive here. urgh.

Nashe^ said...

I think this is coz you haven't figured out what your passion is. Once you've found what you *really really* like, then you won't forget it so easily!

(Congrats on the job, btw!)

Lil Miss Confession said...

@(the girl in stiletto) love the photo too. i got it from my sister. ohh how much does one cost over there?? where do you get your canvases in the past?

@(Nashe) hmmm.. yeah that could be it. plus there's this urgency in me to be able to try and do as many things as I can.

oh thanks =) but it's really hectic; the job i mean. i have to face the computer for hours nonstop and key in numbers in "super speed"

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