Wednesday, September 9

The night is deafening when the silence is listening

And I'm down on my knees, and I know that something is missing.

Because the back of my mind is holding things I'm relying in

But I choose to ignore it because I'm always denying them

I'm a bit of a manic when it's not as I plan it

Cause I start losing my head and then I get up in a panic

Remember when we were kids and always knew when to quit it

Are we denying a crisis or are we scared of admitting it?

I don't want to know

I just want to run to you

And break off the chains, and throw them away

I just want to be so much

And shake off the dust that turned me to rust

Sooner than later, I'll need a savior, I'll need a saviour

It won't ever change if you want it to stay the same

I really hate it but I know it's hard to choose if you're chained

And when it's all you control cause you've got nothing else to hold

You're getting tighter and tighter, it's getting harder to let it go


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