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Wednesday, November 25

Guy A: Can I ask you a question?

Guy B: Can I ask you a question?

Guy C: Can I ask you a question?

Guy D: Hey, can I ask you a question?

Guy E: I ask you a question, can?


Can you please explain to me WHY do you like to do this everytime you wish to ask a question?

It has always been from a guy no matter what. My girls don't do this. When they want to ask a question, they just get on with it and they ask THE question. Yes the question that they ACTUALLY want to ask!

And I know I'm not the only one who gets this often. I've had girls going on about this. So explain to us girls.

Why can't you guys just ASK the question you really want to ask. Just ask! Why the hell do you need to ask us " Can I ask you a question?"

Is it a guy thing?

I'm not saying it's wrong but it is annoying. Maybe it's a guy thing that us girls just wont't get it.

But the next time a guy asks me this again before he wants to ask me a real question, my answer will most definitely be...


*i know the dumbass picture of Hercules has nothing to do with this but it's just for some dramatic effect. You should know me by now, I can't stand my post without an illustration*


theeggyolks said...

i get what you mean..sometime they can be very "poh mah" (Cantonese)

See.Kay.Am said...

Didn't know you gonna post this up! haha! but good one! to all guys we have encounter, please lar~ lolx

Miss Confession said...

(theeggyolks) mmhmm... agree eventhough I dont really know what that means but I think i have a rough idea.

(Christy) enuf is enuf! haha... cant take it already. gotta make it out and open.

Eric Lee said...

that's an easy question...we are afraid that spamming a sudden question will get us into trouble...u know la...we guys dunno which type of question might trigger the very volatile emotion of girls...guess that question is one of it...

Miss Confession said...

But even by asking "can i ask you a ques?", it doesnt give us any hint at all what ques ur asking, so theres actually no point. lol. it's either ask straight away or dont ask at all

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