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Saturday, November 21

Working out can never get better without the presence of music pumping at the background; especially when you're doing effing crunches that cracks you like nobody's business.

And who says you gotta lift weights or rely on cardio ONLY??

Kickboxing or dance moves are the BOM as well people!!!

Imma make this short and sweet because truth of the matter is I'm plain pissed off right now and I just finished punching the air, so what gives...

A couple of dance moves currently addicted to...

Single Ladies by Beyonce:

Everybody by Rudenko (can I mention that the guy in the video is SMOKIN HAWT?)

Give it up to me by Shakira ft Lil Wayne
(video embedding disabled so click the direct link to view:

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga


ken said...

music cheers up our life! =D


Toothfairy said...

I hate the music in gyms though, therefor, I always plug my Ipod in my ears in gyms! but true, I can't work out without music either!
except for pilates... :)


See.Kay.Am said...

Everybody - Rudenko

Sizzling Hot! Hot! HOT! You always dig out all these hot dudes huh...haha!

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

good news! my wife gave birth le :)

Miss Confession said...

(kenwooi) well depending on what genre of music and the keys. But yeah, music does influence life :)

(toothfairy) nice bloggername btw!
ohhh i've never tried pilates but I might in someday. is it great?

(C) ;-) you know me babe! my eyes are meant for these things =P

(Terence) OH GOSH! congrats 2 u and your wife. baby boy or girl? twins? hehe

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