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Friday, November 20

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Homecoming by Hey Monday
Central Park by Mr. Hudson

I have a whole bunch of questions here today. Unanswered questions that may well be unanswered for as long as humans shall live.

Why do we always do things we don't want to be doing? Why is it that when it is SO torturing; SO stupid; SO ridiculous; SO disgusting; SO traumatizing; SO hurtful; SO heart-wrenching; we still find ourselves doing it? Going through the things that are causing all those conflicts; all those torture?

They say we humans have a mind of our own but the problem is we don't use it. Instead we use our hearts and end up being in a place we swear we will not find ourselves in.

And so the question remains.

Why do we let ourselves let others torture us?
Why do we humiliate ourselves just to prove a point that we know was not worth proving in the first place?
Why do we let ourselves fall for people we know we should not fall for?
Why do we let others abuse us when we can't take it anymore?
Why do we not open our hearts and tell the truth when we know deep down something good will come of it?

Why do we not share the same feelings we have but choose to live in denial; not knowing what could have been?

Why do we lie to ourselves when we clearly know the truth?

Why do we torture ourselves just to be approved by peers and family?
Why do we seek darkness when light is shining right in front of us?


Damn do I have a lot of questions tonight. Too bad they will all remain as questions as the days go by...



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