the feel good moments

Saturday, December 12

I know when it comes to certain aspects in life, I'm not easily pleased.

And then there are the other minor things in life where I get easily pleased.

Have you ever had those "ahhhh" moments? Moments where you feel - everything is alright!
Times when you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Times where you can't stop smiling because you genuinely feel so happy?

I'm sure you have. Now take a little step to the side and think... have you ever had these moments when you're just completely alone (sane as well). It is like when you wake up in the morning and you know today's gonna be a great day and so you wake up with a smile =)
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Your thoughts; your perception.
You see a little boy down by the street, skipping along with his ice cream in hand and you feel happy.

Seeing someone else laugh and it makes you happy.

Closing your eyes and listen to the sound of the wind and it makes you happy.

Dancing and twirling to the CD player and it makes you happy

You hear the birds chirping and it makes you happy

Your mind drifts away as you sat at your favorite spot and it makes you feel happy

The smile...

...sometimes it takes just that small little details in life and happiness comes knocking at your door


Kym said...

yup, its usually the small things that count :) have a great weekend!

Miss Confession said...

thanks =) you have a great weekend too

Eric Lee said...

minor details....if we could learn to pay attention to those...haha

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