let magic work it's way [PART 1]

Tuesday, December 15

Listening to: Lady Melody by Tom Frager
Gravity by Sara Bareilles
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"Her dialogue"
"His dialogue"
"Matt's dialogue"

"Matt-y!!!! MATT-Y!!!" she shouts as she ran up the stairs, straight into her brother's room

"OH! You're here!?" as she saw him standing beside Matt.

"Surprise! =) I just came over to see you but Matt here said you went out for a while so I thought I'd just wait for you"

She smiles as he gave her a gentle squeeze. It's this little things that are the reasons why she can't stop loving him.

"HEY! Love drama coming to an end people! Back to reality. I'm still here alright"

They both chuckled.

"Anyway, I got the tickets for tonight's gig from Greg and I won't accept any excuse from the both of you. So you both better be there and support this event for my sake!"

"Why do I have to go again?"

"Because Mia's going be there, Matt. And I'm your sister. So if you love me the way you always say you do, you'll go!"

"Haha. You know I'll be there, firefly! I was just messing with you" 
Matt exits the room.

"And you should be there because...", she points at him

"Because I love you", he interrupted

***the next weekend***

A few minutes of warm, sunny picnic by the lake:

"J, do you think if a fish were to lose it's significant other, it would move on and find another one to share it's remaining life with? Are fishes the same as humans?"

"HAHA... what's with the sudden questions?"

"Just tell me what do you think first, will you?"

"I don't know. I guess. It's not impossible. But circumstances may vary. So would the answer to that question. I mean even humans sometimes don't find another one to share he's remaining life with, no? But some do. It's just a matter of variation"

"That is just so you! Haha. You just can't give me a simple, direct answer without the need to put some thought to it, don't you?"

"I know =) It's what makes me interesting and you know it ;-)"

"OK Mr.Smartie-Pants. Here's another shoot... so how is it that people would know when they've met the right one? You can never know until time tells. I mean, they meet someone, they get together and then when all the sweet dreams come to an end, they part their ways. Then the cycle continues. Why go through all that misery just to find the right one? Why can't everyone just not do that and when THE moment comes, they meet the right one?"

"Well, if you don't meet all the wrong ones, how would you know you've met the right one?"

She shrugs and continues to feed the fishes in the lake...

"Now where's this going, tiger?" he quizzed as he came to her side.

"Just a random thought", she shrugged.

"That little head of yours is going to explode anytime soon if you don't stop thinking randomly", he joked. 

"HAHA... This little head here is so powerful, you have no idea how much elaborate and random thoughts it can actually take!" 

"Oh really now, tiger?" he asked as he ruffles her hair and caught her in an embrace.
Photo credit: zero5phh

"You know, sometimes you don't have to go on and on and work so hard to get something you want. Sometimes, maybe all you gotta do is wait and let magic work it's way"

"Really now? So now you're into magic huh??" he chuckles.

"I'm serious!"

"OK OK, relax there little tiger! OK, you want serious...let's be serious. I know where you're going with this so let's share a promise and we'll see what happens..."

"Alright. You said so. Now we don't know what the future holds for us both. Either way, what if, someday, circumstance decides that we'd have to be apart... not because we choose to, but because we have to... so we could grow..."

"...and circumstance decides that to grow, we'd have to leave a space...for each other...to see what the future has in store for us...individually..."

"Yeah. Something like that. Now we'd have to have something to represent... like a symbol... a free ticket... to set us lose"

"That was exactly what I was thinking..." 

He grabs a napkin from the picnic basket and started to scribble on it with the pen from he took out from his pocket.

"Let magic work it's way", tilting her head to the side as she read the words that were written on it.

"This shall be the free ticket. And we shall keep it over in Matt's old guitar case", he explained as he hold the written napkin in front of her face.

"HAHA. OK! But Matt's old guitar case?"

"Yeah! It's over in the attic anyway. It's not like he uses it anymore. Plus, we won't forget about it being there because the guitar case meant something to us"

And with that last sentence coming out from his mouth, she smiles...

To be continued...


Mad Maureen said...

Wow, it's been a long time since i last online and this is the refreshment I need.. waiting for part 2.. :D

Miss Confession said...

(Mad maureen) great to see you here =)
oh! i'm working on it! so wait 4 it yeah...

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