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Wednesday, December 2

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Secrets by One Republic
The Saltwater Room by Owl City

IT IS officially the last month of 2009. I am stoked at how fast time flies. Really now. It feels like as if it was only yesterday that I washed away 2008. And now it's time to wash away 2009. It's been a bittersweet year but overall, it had been nice.

Now, I'm not wondering what's to offer in 2010 but more on what this last month is going to be like before the new year.

Speaking of which, it has passed my mind that some people say that life has already been written and whatever that happens, are by fate and destiny. The others believe that YOU and I write the stories of our lives and things happen because of how we decide and what actions we take.

So which party are you? 

Life is written for you?


You write your life?

I'm curious to know... so tell me...

If you'd ask me, I'd say that it is a mysterious mixture of both and it is that mystery that makes life interesting. But that's just my view. It could be wrong, It could be right.

So! Getting back to what I've been talking about, the soon-to-be ending year 2009. As always, I don't make resolutions for every beginning of every year. But I choose to do the opposite.

So this year:
  • My ongoing struggle with trust issues is still not improving..
  • I've finally let go =)
  • People have gone away. New acquaintances are made. And these ongoing process has made me learn new things about people. Some ways, good. Some ways, bad. 
  • I still, personally, despise lizards. They are filthy, disgusting and their existence are simply killing me!!!
  • I broke a promise I made to myself. Apparently, it's very hard to keep a promise, even when it is just for yourself. So, go figure. 
  • I chopped my hair. I think I still love having long hair. I have a feeling this short-hair phase is not going to last long. 
  • I've had my OHSOGOOD moments when I find myself being able to relate with individuals I've never expected I could with. Sometimes, friends are the best for certain moments but sometimes, all you need is the voice of a stranger or a distant peer. 
  • My temper has gradually decrease and I'm much more patient
  • I continue to hate sleepless nights... nights such as this.
  • I've came to realized that some people don't deserve my trust and care
  • I've been lied to
  • I had my first minor surgery... which scared the hell out of me at first
  • I lost someone I love a lot. I hope she's at peace. And I know Mum is still grieving. Thinking about it still makes me teary. 
  • I learnt something new during a private counselling session. Smiles!
  • I had my first ever, proper Japanese cuisine. 
  • I keep wondering when did I suddenly stop driving? Maybe I'm not meant to drive. Maybe I need a driver. 
  • Crazy strangers still won't leave me alone. Please I beg you, leave me alone!
  • I did not do anything stupid and reckless... I think... as far as I've remembered... as compared to the things I've done last year. This is a record =P
  • I'm sick of this list already... I can't remember anything now. My decision is to stop here and leave this list hanging and please don't hate me because of it =)


Kym said...

time flies doesn't it!??! I believe that before you were born, there was already a plan for your life... all the twists and turns are up to you! :)

aDRIAn said...

i write my own life..

i think u know that sis :)

Eric Lee said...

a mixture of both..hmm...i like to say this year had quite a lot of downs for year might be a better year..XD

anyway, let me see what's ur take on this post of mine. curious what the mind of yours could come out with..LOL

Miss Confession said...

(Kym) yes it really does. hmmm... logical explanation =) i like

(Adrian) wow.. first time seeing u comment here!

(Eric) hmmm.. actually it's a balance it's jz that I tend to remember the ones that have a greater impact tts all... maybe i'm jz emo that way =P

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