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Thursday, December 3

This recent lack of sleep routine is really driving me nuts.

I'm exhausted but I'm wide awake because I couldn't get back to sleep. Studying is not helping because my brain is too tired to absorb knowledge. Hence, i'm bitching here. RAWR!

It is when I'm cranky, that I start to get annoyed with little things...

Oh boy, imma force myself to get some shut eye as I'm not me right now. =(

On a slightly lighter note, check this out:

So should I get the freaking dress or not?

I love it!!! Man oh man, decisions.

Help me out.
It's 90 bucks



LaLa said...

No.. You can get nice and more beautiful dress at a cheaper dress if you know how to find it..

Eric Lee said...

hm..i think you look nice in it..but then again, financial wise, it is unwise to get an opinion from guys..

Manju said...

prettyyyyyyyy! i say go get it!

melody said...


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