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Saturday, January 9

Dream by Priscilla Ahn

I absolutely ♥ this song. Priscilla Ahn has this really sweet & amazing voice, I must say. Have a listen if you don't already know this song! You're bound to love it ;-)

I think the first time I heard this song was back when I watched Disturbia. (lol, that movie reminded me of certain skin-chilling yet L-O-L moments in the cinema)
I was pleased when this song was featured in the movie, Love Happens. Oh by the way, watch that movie if you've not. It's beautiful =)

This song is not just a song. It's one of the songs I hear when I'm bored, when I'm alone, when I'm sad, when I feel lost, & when I'm happy. This song reminds me of all the happy moments. The little things.

This song takes me to another world. This song makes me dream and this song helps me sleep.

Another thing that this song does is that it brings me back to my younger moments.

I'd remember all the fun play-times, moments at the swing, moments where I laugh till I cry and how I loved it when my mum used to braid my hair. HAHA.

And as the title spells, listening to this song brings back memories of my unforgettable dreams and past wishes. Have you ever had childhood dreams?

There's a few I can remember of:
1) Meeting Batman & Superman
I've had this dream of meeting both of these fictional superheroes before & that I would snap a photo of myself alongside the two of them. LOL. To think that I actually think of how it would be if these two were real and that I would meet them!!

2) Being a famous singer
HAHAHAHAHAHA... okay okay. I admit it. This is way too funny to not laugh at. I used to play pretend as a singer or a rockstar. I even have a photo of me to prove it. Using a badminton racket as a guitar and I used to use anything long as a mic. Hey. don't make fun! I take this seriously, for your information...I even put on Dad's old shades for that "superstar" look. =P

3) A fashion designer wannabe
This is one dream I was really serious with at one point. NO JOKE. I used to hunt for various fashion magazines, check out latest season's trends, watch fashion related news & shows. I even have several sketch books where I would doodle and sketch designs on. But sadly, I think the books are all gone by now. Remember times when teachers would ask students one by one in class, what they wish to be when they grew up? Well, it was this point of my life that my answer  would confidently be "A Fashion Designer". haha. But then as I grew, I just don't see myself making it as one; especially as a steady career. Plus, parents didn't approve of this dream of mine.

4) Being an international pianist
Yeah. I would always meddle with my cousin's piano whenever I hang around at her place. Even when there isn't one, I used to play imaginary pianos, making those finger gestures on any surfaces I can rest my hands on. I guess it was the stereotype I got used to back then and the fact that pianists in movies or the TV were all pictured as graceful and feminine. HAHAHA... Oh well, that dream got crushed when Dad say no to piano lessons. =(

5) Ballet dancer
That #4 brings me to this. Again, the graceful and feminine part. And I used to be so amazed with how toes are pointed downwards when ballet dancers dance. And I used to associate ballet with swans. Cliche to the max. I know. Anyway, this was nothing big. I'm actually half glad I did not do ballet. Why? It's for me to know, and for you to find out ;-)

Well... well... there are many more where all this came from but let's not clutter this space with all my little bittle past dreams & wishes now.

Before I end this, do take a listen to Priscilla's Red Cape, Wallflower & Rain.


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