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Saturday, January 9

I know it is rather early to tell but so far, I'm loving 2010. No complains. Fresh start.

I can feel the freshness in the air, babeh! What can I say?
We're not cats; we ain't got 9 lives. We're given one and we should all live it to the fullest.

To ring in the new year, I recently bought myself an iTouch. I must say it is so so so sexy, dressed in red.
Now my playlists goes with me wherever I go. And on that note, here's a couple of music videos I'd like to share. Specifically the songs, not the videos (as and if you see, some of the them aren't official music videos).

Give em' a listen ;-)

i love it when you call by The Feeling

part of the list by Ne-yo

Sajna by AR Rahman

Rain by Priscilla Ahn

Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Apology by Safety Suit

Knock Knock by Lenka

More in the future!! Gnite peeps =D


Melody Ng said...

Oooo that's one of my favourite song :) part of the list, i blogged about it too :) have a great year ahead babe! hope your good stuffs continue hehe

ken said...

nice playlist =)


Miss Confession said...

(Mel) I hope the same for you too =D

(kenwooi) thanks =)

Dr`Joe said...

Cool songs.


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