don't talk. please listen

Saturday, March 20

Girl: Papa, I'm sorry. 
(her face sulking; eyes focused downwards, glancing over at the mess she made)

Girl: I'm sorry. I accidentally. I hit it. My hand. Too fast. 
(tears started to form at the corner of her eyes and she tried to suck in the sobs back)

Papa: Baby, come here. 
(he stretched his arms wide out and motioned for her to come into his embrace)

Girl: I'm sorry. Glass broke. 
(she hugged her Dad tight)

Papa: It's Ok. There there now. It was an accident. It's just a glass of water. 

Girl: I fell down. sobs. Leg not good. Floor slippery. Not lying. 

Papa: Yes princess. I know. I believe you my little girl. You didn't mean it. 
(and he gave her a peck on her cheek)


Girl: I didn't do it! I don't even know where this is coming from, Ma.

Mum: This thing... this talk about all this behavior. Sarah can't be lying. She saw what she saw. The least you could do is stop denying and explain to me why did it happen. 

Girl: So you trust Sarah over my words? Just because I'm your daughter, it doesn't mean that everything is my fault. 

Mum: Don't you dare turn this around and shift the blame on me, young lady! When are you gonna start admitting your faults?

Girl: When I've actually done something wrong. 
(tears of anger rolled down her left cheek)
(she looks over at her Dad for support, but he just kept silent; reading his daily paper)

Mum: sigh... I don't know who are you anymore, dear. Why are you hurting us this way? 
(she left the room and walk towards the kitchen)

Girl: (whispers) Why are you guys hurting me this way?


Sometimes, all that kid needs is trust. The kind that her parents had for her when she was young, innocent and truthful.

Sometimes, all that kid needs is her parents. Those that promise to stand by no matter what; against all odds. Especially when others around don't.


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