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Friday, March 26

Quick complaints.

Late sleepless nights but last night's sleep was a piece of a cake : )

The excruciating pain at my shoulders & neck are killing me but has mellowed down a little today : )

Missing my B like mad and there ain't no "but(s)" here because no matter what I will still be missing him every waking hour I have : (

So I woke up today with an itch (not anywhere in particular; note that this is a mental itch) to do some blog-hoppin'/blog-reading/blog-stalking. Gotta admit, made me miss blogging again. I seriously need to get my "blogging mojo" back. Perhaps a visit to the shrink will help? (i tell you, all this psych courses are injecting psych-related effects into my system).

*a moment of silence*

Wait! How the hell did I go from thinking of something that I wanted to talk about to going on about psych and my "blogging mojo"? Another epic case of blogging diarrhea =.=

So anyway, along with the blog-reading and shit like that, I found myself checking out latest updates in

I think it's time to add vertical stripes to my wardrobe...

What say you, babes? ;-)

Till' I get my 'mojo' back!!!


Mknace said...

:) :) :)

ken said...

vertical stripes will make you looks taller =)

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