Raw Childhood Fears

Saturday, March 27

She could feel the wind cutting slices on her face as she ran across the hallway. It kept on going. Haunting her from the back. She could feel the chill of it's presence.
Slush...slush... thomp...thomp...slush...slush...thomp...thomp...

The fear was both exhilarating and paralyzing. But beneath all that fear, she could hear her heart speaking:

"Oh NO...NOOOOOOO... please stop this. Stop... Stop following me!!!"

The pain - at the edge of losing her breath, the burning sensation in her chest, the deafening against her ears, the twist in her leg muscles - they all want her to fail.

"I can't... OH my legs... I can't!! Nooooooo!!!! Why is this hall getting psychedelically long with every step I take??"

She could feel it reaching at the back of her.
Slush...slush... thomp...thomp...slush...slush...thomp...thomp...


Like a lighting striking out of nowhere, she felt the blow on her head and she fell to the ground...hard. She turn to the her back and there staring straight at her was the ugliest clown with a distorted head and a huge red nose. She screamed. He chuckled and started spinning his bodyless head.

The spinning turned grey and eventually all black-ish. Street lights started advancing towards her. She shut her eyes tight. She was perspiring all over but the irony of it all was that it was cold. Cold wind slapped her on her face. And then it all stopped. The lights. The cold wind. The clown was nowhere to be found.

It was sunset. The streets were empty. Looking around, she realized she was at a deserted gas station. Ignoring the aches that were annoying her legs, she approached the man behind the counter. She wonders where the hell could she possibly be. If this is real?

"Excuse me. Could you please tell me where am I? Where is this?"

The man's back was facing her. He was horridly black all over and a weird stench came from him.

"Excuse me! Can you hear me?"

The man turned around and to her horror, he was faceless but a voice came from within...

"You're in hell, sweetie!"
His hands stretched out to grab her and in his left was a huge knife stained with blood.

All it takes from her was a blink and she screamed at the top of her lungs...


*to be continued*


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