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Saturday, March 27

OK! I have a confession to make.

I do read FML at times. Not an avid reader but once in a while when I've got nothing better to do or I want to laugh my head off or be a meanie and see how horrible some people's lives are, I head to FML.

Most of the times when I read those posts, I start to wonder if these things are for real? Because half the time, the confessions made by these anonymous individuals are horribly sad and I go on thinking: "Whoa... that's damn sad man!!"

So just a couple of minutes back I was reading through FML and here are some of the posts that caught my attention:

All from FML

Today, I discovered my soon to be ex-husband had somehow reopened our bank account and gotten us into debt again. The only way I can permanently close the account is if he comes in to the bank with me, which he refuses to do because he wants my credit to be just as bad as his. FML

Today, my boyfriend broke-up with me because the scores of our compatibility on the Love-o-Matic pro app on his iPod were low. FML

Today, I found a really cute earring that someone had lost. Unfortunately, I found it in my boyfriends bed. FML

 Today my boyfriend came home from college to visit me. When I picked him up from the train station he says to me, "Wow babe, I am actually excited to see you for once." FML

Today, I set one of my old baby pictures as my profile picture on Facebook. Minutes later my husband commented on it. He said, "I don't think we should have kids." FML

 Today, my boyfriend of two years lost his job. He then broke up with me. Why? Because he would "rather be supported by no one than be supported by a woman." FML

Like are these for real?

Well if that's the case. I've got 3 words for you girls...

Get Over Him! 
Seriously. If he acts like an ASS and treats you like SHIT, why bother?



ken said...

some i think is bullshit la.. some they write for fun wan.. or maybe they are real.. i duno la.. =P

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