pre-party stoning

Thursday, April 1

As I'm writing this post now, I'm caught over at Carmen's crib; waiting for her to dress up for tonight's party.

Sometimes, I can really surprise myself with the things I do or with the decisions I tend to make. I know I'm not making any sense here to anyone of you but I just had to say that out. What??
It's my blog afterall and no matter what, this is the original place where my random rantings took place in the first place. :-)

SO anywayzzz... this post is merely a "to kill time" post as I wait for that babe to get ready. I have to admit that corsets are not fun to sit in for a long time :-(
Seriously?? How did the women back then did it everyday??

Good part is you can't exactly sit with a bad posture because it is even worst, so I guess in a way it's a good thing. To suffer for good posture. ;-)

On another not-so-nonsensical note... *hold that thought for a mo*

I guess I'd finish what I want to talk about in the next post since I gotta bounce right now... let me give you a one word clue on what it would be about: Marriage!


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