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Friday, April 9

Listening to : Blue Jeans by Jesse James
I.. I'm so fly...
I got a new pair they're so tight...

(this song is the sexxa-bomb man!)

Random shout-out: Nerds who kick-ass are so hot!

OK. So where did I left off?
Oh yes, the marriage thingamajig I mentioned in the previous post.

See, last week there was a lecture on this marriage thing & there was a point where we were all asked to answer a couple of questions like...
 "Would you get into a marriage if...

...say your partner's of another race? (why, the kids you make are cuter! HAHAHA) or

...say your partner has a kid? (dude, i'm fine with this but don't go waiting till our honeymoon to spill the beans on some babies running around you know what i'm saying?) or

...say your partner earns more (or less, I can't remember) (i really don't bother larh about this minor thing) or

...your partner's younger/older than you (doesn't matter because mental age is much more important to me, an old dude could be a big annoying baby or a baby could be some wise, charming hot stud... age is just a number) or

...your partner has lower education level than you do?

(at a split second I went: NO WAY MAN!!!! BUT THEN... when I gave it a thought, I realized that although it is important for me to have a partner whose educated & smart, it doesn't mean that if a person has a SPM education level, he or she is a stupid child as compared to a person who has a PhD. There's only so far a certificate can take you and those grades don't prove your intelligence. Heck, if the person can carry himself well, carry a good & interesting and rather intellectual or witty conversation and not shove his "one hundred million I know facts in your face" just to prove he's smart, he's good to go ;-)

So there you go. The things you learn in education institutes can really make you wonder. So don't skip classes kids, I know I'm a bad influence :-P


ken said...

yeah.. there are many issues when it comes to marriage.. but in the end, it all comes to our own preferences.. =)

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