let magic work it's way [PART 2]

Thursday, December 24

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"Her dialogue"
"His dialogue"
"Matt's dialogue"

***continuation to PART 1***

"Hey man, do you want this package to go in this bag or the backpack?" goes Matt as he held the package that J's Dad just handed over to him.

"Just put it in the backpack", he went as he put on his jacket and cap.

Matt wrestled with the backpack as he got the package in.

"Thanks man. Hey did you see the red envelope I was just holding a while ago?" he searchingly questioned.

"Errr...nope. What red envelope you're talking about?"

"OH! It's OK. Found it!" he frantically waved the red envelope that he found hidden under the large luggage.

At that moment, her laughter filled the stairway as she make her way up after having a seemingly amusing conversation with his younger sister, Sarah.

"Got everything you need? On second thought, I better help you double check. Orders from your Mum! Haha," she goes on as she starts fumbling with the luggage and the messy stash of clothes on the floor.

"Not to worry...I've went through everything for the third time already."

"What about your passport then? You forget that and you're not going to be flying off today, I tell you!"

"Wouldn't you want that to happen?" he smile teasingly

"I did not..."

"C'mon people! We need to get going already or he'll miss the flight. Let's go! Move it! Move it!"

***At the airport (2 hours later)***

"Hey little T, what are you doing standing here all by yourself?" he questions just as he walks right up to her. She was overlooking the planes that were about to lift off.

"Checking to see if my baby's plane hasn't miraculously shrink from all the overwhelming heat today?" she joked.

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"Hah! It's funny how you're still joking about such a thing, huh? I know how that would be an advantage to you. You know deep down I wish the same. They tell you it's hard but they don't seem to tell how hard it is, huh?

"Have you checked in?" she turns away, avoiding his statement.

"Yeap! Everything went well."


"Hey..." he puts his hands on her chin and turn her face towards his.

She smiles...
"That's great! You should better get going now," she says as she checks her watch.

She grabs his hand and starts to direct him to the boarding gate.

"Wait a second!" he abruptly stops and pulls her to face him.

"I've something for you. But promise me you won't open it until you're back home OK?" he handed her a red envelope.

She stares at the envelope as she flips it back and forth...



He stares at her quizzically.

"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, stop it right now! I said last week I won't drop a tear and the last thing you'll see of me is my smile," she smiles.

Upon reaching the gate, they bid farewell and so did everyone else. And as true as her last spoken sentence, he boards the plane with an intact vision of her goodbye smile...

... that for some reason, took him a lifetime and yet he can't seem to forget.

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Her thoughts in her head:
"Have you ever find yourself in that situation where you know something just doesn't sit right? The nagging feeling that it is the end of a chapter; pounding so hard on your chest but yet you wish you could be wrong? 
So much would have wanted to flow out of your mouth; words that could change things, if only you could find the strength to open your mouth and let them out. 
The worst part is?
You want to at least cry the words out but there's no tears and so there's no emotional soothe for your aching heart."

That was that. She lay on her bed at home with her eyes shut. On her right hand, holds the empty red envelope and on the other, holds the napkin that read out: "Let magic work it's way"

*to be continued*


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