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Saturday, December 26

Hmmm... lets see.. It's been exactly a week and a day since exams came to an abrupt end. And what have I accomplished so far with the things I've promised myself to do during my holidays?

Zero... get it??


Big fat nothing.
Mum, aren't you proud of me? Your daughter is all say and think but no "DO".

The only thing I did that confirmed has not failed is eating, sleeping, shopping, & chilling.
Oh and don't forget clowning around where people go: "WTH is wrong with this girl? Studying Psych must have taken a toll on her!"

Owh well, I still have roughly about 2 weeks more I guess?
(Damn girl!!! You sure do make great excuses for yourself, don't you?)

Truth be told, the things that I decided I should accomplish aren't that much of a hassle to me. Nor would I dislike doing... no wait.. on second thought, there are a few that I don't actually enjoy doing... like cleaning my room...

...HEY, on another second thought... I DID clean my room!!!! =.=
So, I actually DID something I was suppose to do.

Ironically (but not funny at all to me), I only did the one that I would dislike doing and left behind all the ones that I would actually enjoy doing.

Erisha,  you're so awesome for that reason =.=


ProxYLimiT said...

nanged you!

cant find ads to click though..
kept refreshing


Kym said...

sometimes its okay to do nothing once in a while. haha! i cleaned my room too.. i was quite impressed with my self as that's usually on the bottom of my to-do list. ;P

belated merry christmas!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh no... Well sometimes you do so much that when you actually have time to do whatever you are planning on doing you just don't get to follow through. I'm that way sometimes, always caught up in a doing so many things and then time comes when I actually have free time to do as I have planned I just end up being lazy. =)

Miss Confession said...

(Proxylimit) thanks. Oh that's ok. It's not necessary. =)

(Kym) that true but I feel like a bum coz I've been putting away these things that I told myself I need to do for so long already. Anyhow, I did a couple today actually and it made me feel better =)

(ChinkyGirlMel) I guess that goes for me too!

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